More than 100 years experience and success


Distiller August Ernst founded the distillery named after him in Bad Oldesloe. The first specialities OLDESLOER Korn and OLDESLOER Kümmel soon found friends nearby and in the surrounding area.


On the occasion of the 50th jubilee of the company, August Ernst handed over the distillery to his son Richard Ernst who expanded the sales market considerably. Main purchasers are restaurants and gastronomy but first contacts to grocery and specialist wholesalers are being established.


Harald Ernst steps into the company management in the third generation and with his consequent marketing policies and label promotion lays the basis for a continuous progress of OLDESLOER products. Also the operation procedures were facilitated by advanced technology production lines.


To ensure the achieved success and to maintain deliveries in the future, the company purchases 16.000 m2 plot of land in the industrial estate of Bad Oldesloe and builds a new complex with 5.500 m2 of usable space.


With its 75th anniversary, a jubilee bottling of OLDESLOER Gründermarke label in a new premium finishing – until then only available for a limited circle as private distillate – is offered to a larger consumer circle.


To increase the distilling capacities, August Ernst buys the Erkelenzer Kornbrennerei GmbH and stocks up the distilling rights in Bad Oldesloe and Erkelenz by purchases.


The plant size in Bad Oldesloe is expanded by further 6.000 m2 to 22.000 m2. A new storage facility for finished products increases the effective area from 1.500 m2 to 7.000 m2.


August Ernst takes over all shares of Obstbrennerei Specht and increases the bottling capacity by installing new equipment. The tank capacities are also considerably increased by installing further storage tanks.


To guarantee the high quality standards of OLDESLOER and SPECHT products, the tank storage capacity in Bad Oldesloe is increased by 200.000 litres to 1,2 Million litres and in Leutenbach by 100.000 litres to 900.000 litres.


August Ernst is taking advantage of the trend to lower grade spirits and the range „Fruity from Oldesloer“ is introduced on the market. Soon a highly satisfying turnover is achieved with pineapple, peach, yellow plum, grenadine, blackberry, apple and red currant flavours.


Due to the merger of Oldesloer and Erkelenzer distilleries the erection of a new distillery starts in Bad Oldesloe and the storage capacity of August Ernst is expanded by 300.000 litres to over 1,5 Million litres. Also at Specht, the surging turnover requires expansion of capacities of the tank storage which is increased by 300.000 litres to 1,2 Million litres


The new distillery building – certainly one of the largest and most modern distilleries – is completed. The distillery Kornbrennerei Erkelenz GmbH is moved to Bad Oldesloe and renamed Oldesloer Kornbrennerei GmbH.


August Ernst buys the well-known East German spirits manufacturer „MEERANER Spirituosen und Weinkellerei GmbH“ in Meerane / Saxony with its branch „GREIZER Likörfabrik und Kräuterbrennerei GmbH“ in Greiz / Thuringia.


Thomas Ernst joins the management of the consolidated companies in fourth generation.


Many parts of the distillery and bottling system of Friedrich Specht Söhne are outsourced to Meerane because of limited capacity at the rented premises in Leutenbach.


August Ernst celebrates its 100th birthday.


The website is launched.


Oldesloer Korn liqueur is the best-selling Kornbrand in Germany for the first time. Greizer Blue Curacao and Meeraner High class Mocca are market leaders in their segment in East Germany.


The features of the Oldesloer Fruity Liqueurs are reworked.


Reorganization of the sales group: Friedrich Specht Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, Leutenbach, is merged into the Meeraner Spirituosen und Weinkellerei GmbH, Meerane. As such the GmbH has changed its name and operates now under the name Friedrich Specht Söhne GmbH, Meerane. The features of the Greizer Liqueurs are redesigned.


New product: “Oldesloer Blue Ice” Icemint fresh’n’cool


The exterior of the administration building in Bad Oldesloe is modernized. Oldesloer Weizenkorn 0,7 l asserted itself as market leader despite of the difficult competitive environment and receives the “DLG gold medal” due to its excellent quality. New product: “Oldesloer Weizenkorn & Cola” 10,3% vol., 0,25l can.


New products: Käpt’n Flint Jamaica-Rum 40% vol. 0,7l and Käpt’n Flint Spiced 35% vol. 0,7l.


New products: OLDESLOER Pink Grapefruit 16% vol 0,7 l and OLDESLOER Holunderblüte 16% vol 0,7 l.


New products: Specht Marillenbrand 0,5 l, Oldesloer Weizenkorn 3,0 l, Oldesloer Fruchtige 3,0 l (In the varieties: Waldmeister, Saure Kirsche, Blue Ice)


New product: Oldesloer Summer Dream 0,7 l


New product: Oldesloer Minze


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